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3-5th July 2015 Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda 2015

A new exiting course in 2015. 100 participants. Start at Ustaoset and across the mountain platau, giving you the full Hardangervidda experience. Then a visit to Vemork, before you start the last leg towards the summit and finsihline.

The 2015 race

It all started in 2013 and 17 of the 44 pioneers made it all the way to Mt. Gausta. In 2015 we can offer 100 participants a journey through the beautiful sceneray of Hardangervidda. You will witness the sun set and rise. You will feel pain. You will make new friends. You will have fun and you will probably consider stepping out of the race a few times - but if you don't, if you push yourself to the finishline - and earn your right to the title "Frend". We are certain you will say - "it was all worth it"!

Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda is an extreme race. It's not like a city marathon were help is on every corner. This is something we need to stress and make sure every participant and team understand. That said, we are doing everything to make this experience as safe as possible. What we can promise you, is an epic endurance experience.

Unless you are an experienced mountaineer, we recommend that you team up with one, two or three friends. This is mainly a question of security, but based on our experiences, doing a challenge like Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda with friends makes it even more memorable as you share the experiences. As a bonus, you can split the required equipment between both of you. Also keep in mind that every team must have a team leader.

These are the rules of the two classes:


  • Team consisting of 2-4 participants
  • The mix of men and women within the team are up to the team
  • The team needs to have a Team Leader, responsible for the team staying together at all times. Furthermore he/she must be able to navigate using map, compass and GPS


  • High standards of mountain running achievements and ability to navigate using map, compass and GPS
  • Applicants for the single class need to confirm that they have finished at least one long distance race

We like to use the word Frender about our participants. Frender is a word for FRIEND in old norwegian. If you look it up on the web, Frender is often translated into the english word kinsmen.
We find it very suiting.

It's mere coincidence that the name Hardangervidda contains the words "hard" and "danger", but as I cruise along the east side of the highlands, I can see that it's more than appropriate. Even now, in June, the landscape is showing its teeth. The stunted, low mountains are still shedding their winter coat and in the bare spots brown grasses and mosses can be seen, grey blocks of stone and dark granite too. The lakes are still frozen with a thin crust of slush layered with ominous cracks. Nowhere can I see water, yet everywhere around me I hear it flowing furiously. It is three degrees Celsius and the fell wind of the tundra shrieks. No, this isn't the sort of place that the winners of the Generation Game were sent. This is the landscape that played the role of ice planet in the Star Wars film "The Empire Strikes Back". These are the highlands where the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen prepared his polar expeditions and on one occasion almost paid with his life for it. Horizon Taal

Place Distance from start Distance from last Check point
Checkpoint 1 - Rauhelleren 35 km 35 km
Checkpoint 2 - Mårbu 56 km 21 km
Checkpoint 3 - Kalhovd 77 km 21 km
Check point 4 - Vemork 114 km 37 km
Finish - Gaustatoppen 128 km 14 km

Ascent meters in total: 4200 meters.

Descent meters in total: 3700 meters.

Get the track here .


Traveling through a national park puts a great responsibility on the participants. For instance, we have a ZERO tolerance rule against littering. Breaking this rule meansautomatic disqualification. Furthermore, we are not alone on Hardangervidda, thus its important to behave proper to others, people and wildlife, enjoying the paths and scenary. They will probably think you are crazy for even doing a race like this - but lets make sure they rememeber you as the happy, friendly and crazy guy they ran into on Harangervidda.


Race video Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda


Race video from the 2014 edition of SXH

They say pictures says more than thousand words, we could not agree more. That is why we invest a lot of resources on capturing the emotions, experiences and the people. Without further a due, please enjoy our official race video from the pioneer edition of Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda.

Race manual

Race manual Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda

Read and understand

It´s for you own safety

You must read the race manual prior to signing up for Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda. The race manual covers every important aspect of Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda, from safety to deadlines and mandatory equipment. It is important that every participant read and understands the content presented in the manual. Furthermore, all teamleaders and single participants must confirm in writing that the race manual is read and understood at registration.

Download Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda Race Manual here.
Preview Salomon Xreid Hardangervidda Race manual here.


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Picture of We are now accepting applications!

We are now accepting applications!

February 02 2016

Salomon Xreid 2016: Call for Applications

You are invited to the adventure of a lifetime!

Salomon Xreid returns this year bigger and better than ever. Join us in taking on the scenic Senja, Norway for the ultimate ultra-marathon experience.


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