2016 Race

Salomon Xreid Senja


Salomon Xreid 2016

Expand your playground - Heading to Senja.

Adventure with Salomon Xreid to the beautiful and amazing island of Senja. Located north of the arctic circle, in the midnight sun, Norway's second largest island is said to be Norway in miniature. We'll be crossing the island, south to north. Start and finish at sealevel, 122 kilometers and 5500 altitude meters. We are truly excited to invite you all to the next step of Salomon Xreid.

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Salomon Xreid Senja 2016 starts at Rødsand Friday July 1st 12:00.

The race can be done either as a single participant or as a team.

Registration will be hosted at HQ in Mefjordvær. The opening hours are Thursday June 30th 18:00 – 22:00.

All participants will be given three special need bags at the registration. These bags will be transported by the organisers to CP1 Kaperfossen (44 k), CP2 Helvetesfoss (84 k) and CP3 Ersfjord (108 k).

Sections of the route will follow official trails marked by The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), but there will also be sections where you will follow moutain ridges without established trails. Thus, you must be prepared to navigate using your GPS or map.

Route with waypoints for the GPS must be downloaded from our website and installed on your GPS device.

This years route pass through several weather exposed areas. Your safety is our primary concern, and the route is subject to change before and/or during the race at the organisers discretion.

You will find garbage deposits at all check points. If you are caught littering, you will be disqualified.

Book accommodation as soon as possible. Senja is a popular place during the summer months.

You will find more details in the Race Manual.

Salomon Xreid Senja course overview from Xreid Hardangervidda on Vimeo.

Race info

All participants must read and understand this race manual before they sign up for Salomon Xreid Senja 2016.

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