2017 Race

Salomon Xreid 2017

Expand your playground


We are excited to welcome all existing and new Frender to apply for a spot in this year's Salomon Xreid!

After crossing Hardangervidda and conquering Senja, we head to the beautiful west coast of Norway to cruise on flowing fjord-side trails, fight across swampy mosses and climb breathtaking mountain ridges.

We cannot promise you it will be a walk in the park, therefore we will evaluate all participants before granting you a spot in the race. We can, however, promise you a great route, beautiful scenery, a motivated crew and an experience to remember.

How to secure your spot:

Step 1:

Read the race manual

Step 2:

Apply here:



We hope to see you among the applicants!


Start: Friday June 30th, 12:00 noon
Classes: Individual and Team (2-4 participants)
Route: 126 km / appx. + 6,500m climb
Inspect the route here: Track at Lommekjent

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